i could show you

1. vintage gucci bag
2. bettina liano camisole
3. hanging bags + necklaces
4. blinky in a pink skin
5. young me + brother ..ha
6. young dad ..hahahaha
jesus walks - kanye west


throw some rings in the mix [PART FOUR]

more than one. clusters and clusters of rings.

blue monday - new order

music downloading spree.
ps - photos of recent acquisitions soon to come.
pps - i have decided i really like flamingos 



have a swell saturday. and if you are in perth hope you dont suffocate from the copious humidity and the oncoming cyclone.. uh oh.



axel = dog we are dog sitting. see above furry white thing. i am obsessed with him. actually probably beyond obsessed. he is just so cute!
also also also also
hundredsorthousands is the featured blog, chchcheck it out - here

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