things i like

Q) whats brown and sticky?
A) a stick. 
ps - adios kevin rudd as prime minister, we now have a ginger in the position


i want

1. blonder hair
2. this nutella concoction - where can i get it!!

at a later date


yet another girl crush - love



Class in and out of the Classroom

Young college adults, both men and women, have a more sophisticated style than young teens still in high school. While alternative jewellery styles like piercings are very popular with this age group, many will still opt for a more sophisticated look as they prepare to either get married or enter the job market, or both. Even men are getting in on the act, and choosing to add jewelry to their wardrobes in record numbers.

Multiple Piercings

This look is hard to hide from prospective employers, but several piercings on the circumference of the ear is becoming very acceptable. If those piercings are filled with diamond studs, it can have a very trendy look. Other parts of the body are pierced also, and when the they aren’t hunting for a job, this age group will add symbolic pieces to their jewelry accents that are personally meaningful to them.

Men’s Jewelry

More men in this age group are interested in how they look than ever before. It helps to define a more professional image and to compete in a market place that can be very tough right now. Many men are wearing chains and rings to help give them a polished, metrosexual look. Men can have a lot of fun with some of the newer alternative metals like tungsten and titanium. They make great rings and fit into a young adult’s budget more easily. They can be paired with a black diamond for a very elegant effect.

Rights of Passage

Jewelry for this age group consists of pieces that are marking special occasions: a high school or college graduation or an engagement. However, the styles are nothing like their parents. A solitaire ring may still be the perfect engagement ring, but now it comes in a pear or square shape. The diamonds aren’t necessarily white, and can be pink or yellow. Men are getting their own engagement rings, and why not? This group has a lot of celebrating to do as it’s the best time of their lives!


oh to be a romantic

people always talk of a summer romance but im more a believer of winter as the season. eg. cuddling, staying in watching a movie all rugged up, hot chocolate, candles, rain, stealing their jacket in the cold = winter romance.
ps - i have not gone soppy, i just have compiled a great collection of photos that emulate this. 
my secret lover (diplo remix) - private
empathy - crystal castles
not made for love (ALALAL remix) - metronomy
you've got the love (XX remix) - florence and the machine
i'll get you (treasure fingers remix) - classixx