apologies for my recent inactivity BUT i do have a good excuse. my precious lappy (more formally mac laptop) has decided that after 4 years of existence it is done with life. yes it did crash right before i had 3 uni assignments due so i wont comment on its timing... so now i have to venture on the, i would say stressful but i am secretly excited, mission to get a new lappy! (mac for sure i cannot work pc's one bit). just hoping i can transfer all my files from r.i.p lappy to new lappy...

at work
ebay blazer - one teaspoon shorts - assorted rings from turkey - house of harlow antler button ring - sportsgirl cross bracelet - house of harlow silver bangles - vintage belt - black fluxus tank
ps - i will try and post more regularly, just have to borrow computers until i have a newie. im bummed though i had a neat stash of images stored on my old lappy (desperate to resurrect those)


pretty much perfect

i am yet to find something wrong with either of these girls. see ya self confidence.
ps - yes my laptop is still broken and yes i am still devastated 


mac attack

my poor laptop is currently back in the hospital - uh oh lappy. so i am using a substitute laptop and as it turns out i really have no knowledge how to work any system that is not mac.



black and gold spring 2012

metallics on steroids. just be warned when wearing in bright, reflective places may cause blindness.


get down on friday

i have a desperate craving for some macaroons + i really want to learn how to make the pompoms off that bag. have a good weekend - i know mine will be filled with finishing off assignments (thanks a bunch uni)


pet vest

 excuse the self taken photos - seems a little narcissistic - but shows where my recent pay checks have gone
- fur vest
- leopard print loafers
- one teaspoon dress

disclosure [episode five]

excuse the awkward scale of the images - clearly my editing skills need a whole lot of work. oops.


more for you

some that had been right-clicked and saved for awhile now