apologies for my recent inactivity BUT i do have a good excuse. my precious lappy (more formally mac laptop) has decided that after 4 years of existence it is done with life. yes it did crash right before i had 3 uni assignments due so i wont comment on its timing... so now i have to venture on the, i would say stressful but i am secretly excited, mission to get a new lappy! (mac for sure i cannot work pc's one bit). just hoping i can transfer all my files from r.i.p lappy to new lappy...

at work
ebay blazer - one teaspoon shorts - assorted rings from turkey - house of harlow antler button ring - sportsgirl cross bracelet - house of harlow silver bangles - vintage belt - black fluxus tank
ps - i will try and post more regularly, just have to borrow computers until i have a newie. im bummed though i had a neat stash of images stored on my old lappy (desperate to resurrect those)

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