glitter & sparkle

something glittery is always enticing for nye
ps - sorry about my recent absence, i am currently holding up the fort in canberra - family events tis the christmas spirit. but back to perth on the 30th


christmas wish list

1. ryan gosling - obviously
2. studded loafers
3. isabel marant bekket sneakers
4. an assortment of coloured watches
5. miu miu sunglasses
6. dainty rings
7. those chanel sunglasses
8. balenciaga cut-out boots
9. a puppppyyy
10. these cuffs
11. detailed bags
12. alexander wang heels
13. this red dress
14. lover bikini
15. more alexander wang heels
16. samuel tupou art
17. bright blouse
18. neon satchels
19. all 10 friends seasons
only a few things?


sin city

better be good with santa coming to town



'are you wearing your pajamas out'. nope. but i get it - the silk slip almost nighty reminiscent feel of this playsuit could be seen as pajamas. then again that is half the fun of wearing it. 
ps - yes, blackberrys do not take the best photos. but i tried my best
pps - ive given up on the idea you either wear gold or silver jewellery. if i am going to wear 'pajamas' out then my jewellery colour coordination is also going out the window
silk playsuit - one teaspoon, mint green kimono - winter kate, shoes - new kid, jewellery - [mix of] house of harlow and low luv, orange neck piece - diva (best buy)