wang apartment

alexander wangs apartment. i love black floorboards + the zebra rug.


things that amaze me - the chronicles (1)

the beginning of a series of things that amaze me. photographic things.
1. screw (you) slippers
2. flamingos
3. james franco
4. jeffrey campbell (and dinosaurs)
5. john lennon
6. maniamania
7. mary karant
8. michael kors 
9. millions of m&ms
10. kate the great
11. nostalgic drives
12. crazy big earrings
which reminds me i need to keep posting my ring obsession series...


thanks for playing


exams are looming and assignments are piling up. gah uni.


ginger and smart

rafw 2011
kills its with the pops of colour and i am currently loving navy.a whole lot of navy. and leather for that fact. tan leather + navy.

the cutest

kate bosworth + alexander skarsgard 


grey album

for all those slightly muted tones.