blinkyphotoset - uno

1. me playing around for tattoo ideas - still liking the bird, hm...
2. always loving the chanel swallow temporary tattoos - inspired my bird cutouts decorating my wall, however my artistic talent is very limited
3. during my 'study break' i decided to paint on a chandelier silhouette on my wall - clearly studying hard
4. my favourite makeup for the moment, minus my dior mascara
5. my friends amazzzing rabbit lamp - i love it!
6. my work birthday - i also got to wear a flashing 'its my birthday badge'
7. me as a younging


hanjb said...

ha i am getting a similar bird tattoo on the weekend!! but up near my elboww didnt no you wanted a tattoo?? i want more1! ahaha

caits said...

i have been playing with the idea heaps lately. ohh yeahhhh that would look so hot. i really want one and i love the wrist but then you cant cover it if you need to. erin wasson has a great one near her elbow that i am also thinking of.