stormy day

yesterday was the perth storm - which has now been labelled a 'natural disaster'
probably a bit of a joke of a nature disaster actually... although there was damage done to cars and houses. the roads look like the obesity epidemic has hit cars where hail created a 'cellulite' effect dimpling cars bonnets, roofs and boots. i must admit the downpour was not ideal for my dash from the bus stop home, running in the hail - somehow i have managed not to bruise. especially when i normally bruise like a peach. ahh well quaint little perth has now witnessed some of mother natures wrath, and she is surely feisty.
its raining, its pouring


hanjb said...

poor perth:( hope nothign else of yours got to damaged! x

Mary Lee said...

oh wow! that looks like hell! :/ i feel sorry for you!