thats not very neighbourly

my birthday is in 12 days, 2 hours and 40 minutes... but who's counting? i will be turning 18 and have never been more excited! legal to consume alcohol, legal to vote, legal to change my name, legal to go to the casino, legal to administer my own phone plan, legal to go to prison, legal to be selected for jury duty, legal to get drafted into the armed services, legal to be considered an adult. a big checklist! some early presents include -
blackberry + mimco wallet
currently reading - the carrie diaries + idoru (the latter for uni)
currently listening -
- prolly know me from the rap (wale V aloe blacc) - s-tone
- bittersweet electric sky touch - glowtape!'s string chesse mash up
- heartbreaker baby (cj milli mix) - justin bieber V mstrkrft
- suffocation - crystal castles
- ambling alp - yeasayer
- symphonies ft. kid cudi - dan black
currently watching - gossip girl season finale (WOW)
currently wearing - bf oversized levis white tshirt

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