things that amaze me - the chronicles (2)

fun fact that also amazes me - only one week until i am off. one week!


Kaitlyn said...

The macaroons, the interior loft...bedroom...thingy, and anything to do with The Simpsons equals sheer awesomeness x


mar said...

happy you enjoyed my picture! and the Hollywood Hills view at sunset!

Rich Girls. said...

i too would also give my right hand for caroline blomst's wardrobe. she certainly can never put a foot wrong! i would also have to give my left hand for that house with that incredible view up above. just, um, wow.

oh, and no worries, lovely lady locks! it's my pleasure. and nawh, thanks so much for putting me in your 'eye spy' list! it made me smile just a little bit. x.

Wynne Prasetyo said...

this post is like a huge pile of inspiration.

Choiii said...

love the editorials, awesome source of inspiration
and oh those maroons <3