personal post

functioning laptop - check
all old images restored - check
and i am celebrating these facts with a big old personal post

 see above
1.  my russh magazine collection
2. freaking delicious home-made pizza (+wine)
3. chilli hot chocolate
4. hotel in bodrum (turkey)
5. decorated mini cupcakes
6. my place of work one not-so-busy day
7. hell yeah i made scones
8. maurie & eve shorts WITH pompoms
9. lara stone (cold fox)
10. profiteroles
11. house of harlow button antler ring
12. tigerlily print
13. THE NEW LAPTOP (still needing to be named)
14. most amazing-smelling candle ever from tigerlily
15. dip-dyed coloured roses
and now some actual personal shots -


Rich Girls. said...

yay, you're back!
i love all of your outfits, girl. especially the maroon shirt + denim shorts.
also loving those shorts put above with the cute little ball tassles on the hem. way too cute. x.

out of alignment said...

Love all the outfits your wearing...you have such inspirational style. You have a great blog!