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Growing up in Australia I always hear that wool is one of our biggest exports (kudos school) and now continuing my interests in fashion it is still clear that wool is well and truly more than just what comes off a sheep's back. Following Australia day I thought I would stick with an Australian theme - aka - wool. You may be thinking, whats the big deal with wool? Isn't it just that itchy stuff that grandma uses to make me sweaters with? Nope. Nah uh. Wrong. Guess again. (ps - I wish my grandma would still make me sweaters). 

In fact my dear friends, wool is not itchy - let me clarify that - Merino wool is not itchy. The polar opposite to that in fact, Merino wool is super light and soft - and as the tag line says - there is no finer feeling. Confused? Well, as it turns out wool is a top notch fibre that is a favourite of many designers due to its versatility and quality. Another plus for you environmentally conscious folk - wool is natural, biodegradable and renewable fibre vs manmade fibres which are not. 

With so many disposable fashions out nowadays sometimes quality can be discarded to allow for affordability. Think of Merino wool as your cashmere pashmina - amazing feel, fashion and an investment piece you will have forever. So kudos to Australian sheep for growing this luxury fibre. Just another one of our winner Australian exports - see Miranda Kerr, Vegemite, Hugh Jackman, TimTams, why not even throw in Emu Export. Mate. 
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Below see the babe Darla Baker feature in the campaign -

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Style Servings said...

I love how they're rebranding themselves, I think it's a really goo campaign. Love the feeling of Merino wool!