[sponsored video] The Vogue Off - River Island

Who doesn't love an app that lets you post your head on a models body? How about a models body turned dancer? Well, almost dancer. Either way it's very, super, highly entertaining. River Island has allowed this opportunity with their amazing campaign - The Vogue Off - yes, this allows you to give Madonna a run for her money. Whats even better is how simple it is to participate! Simply log onto facebook (if you're not already signed in), hop onto the River Islands page here and follow the prompts, or find the app directly here. Choose any such photo of yourself - or if you're particularly intrigued choose a friends photo - and voila, magic, you are now a dancing model. Still not sold? Have a laugh here and see myself and a model accomplice do the Macarena… and with a brown wig? Ahh I might stick to blonde however I doubt my personal dancing skills are much better. Kudos Vogue Off. Want more River Island? Follow their twitter here and shop all the looks that you and your dancing counterparts frolic in here. What’s not to love, shopping, entertainment, did I mention male models also feature? Highly recommend.
Now onto some River Island favourites; stunning white blazer here, leopard print chain top here and a killer pair of black perspex sandal here. Definitely worth a look however I apologise in advance to your savings account.. 

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