blue and gold

favourites namely rose gold + navy. add 10 points if worn together.


Rich Girls. said...

1. still want that a. wang white/rose gold clutch.
2. seriously cannot wait until gossip girl starts again.
3. elin kling looks amazing in that dress. of course!

ps. i totally remember having a a little debrief on our obsession with kanye around coachella time! he is beyond incredible. after seeing him at the vma's, i had to go and watch his entire coachella set today. i think my love for him has grown to a whole new height... firstly, wearing celine. and then that ombre denim on denim outfit. my gosh.

Rich Girls. said...

pps. i would totally go for a ride in that car with kanye any day. just maybe somewhere that doesn't have dirt roads. i totally cringed when i saw all that dirt fly over those girls faces and in their mouths. grossetown. x.