the thursday edition

today is thursday.
ps - i dont use tumblr but this one is great


Fabliha said...

great post! i love the jewellery in the last picture!



Sarah said...

I have had that picture of Kate B saved to my desktop for a while now, regular drooling material. Can she do no wrong?

x Sarah

P.S - Love you blog

Rich Girls. said...

i'm obsessed with kate's shorts suit. it's one of my favourite outfits of hers ever.

ps. ahaha did you get these from my 'rich girls' tumblr by any chance? i was scrolling through and i was like, 'ooh, i like this... oh and this! oh my gosh, kate!.. wait.." too funny. and kind of awkward if you didn't. ;) x.

Rich Girls. said...

feel free to stalk away! ahah. too cute. x.

Rich Girls. said...

i was beginning to think the same about my replies on this post! ahah. oh, i've been educating myself on youtube for a little while now - there's just sooo many videos out there. but my favourite is lauren conrad's one for every day waves. she makes it look so easy. and yep! i've totally burnt myself, gotten super frustrated and resorted to leaving my hair straight or tying it up in a braid so many times. it's just so much better when someone does it for you! x.