euro trip [partfour]

so then after kos we flew back to istanbul - another questionable flight - and stayed at the stunning hotel amira. there is so much to do in istanbul, such a good place to be a tourist. we visited the blue mosque (often seen as a backdrop in the above photos) and went inside the hagia sophia - which was easily the most amazing building architecturally added with the ridiculous amount of detail put into all of its mosaic covered ceilings and walls. we also went to a sisha bar, drank copious amounts of apple tea (similar to warmed up apple juice), attempted to help make a rug, got a henna tattoo, saw so many stray cats - that all seemed to be really well fed and tasted turkish wine - not as bad as predicted. i really, really loved istanbul.
ps - yes i do have more photos to show you.. i took plenty of photos.

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