euro trip [parttwo]

so continuing on from where i left off - actually before we boarded the sailboat we stayed at the grand yazici (yatici? yatzici? hmm) in bodrum which can be best explained as somewhat between a tropical paradise meets heaven crossed with a really good launder - they hosted the best robes and slippers out of all the hotels. this was for sure a dreamy stop. we also ventured to the ancient abandoned city ephesus and braved the million degree heat. this place was great, all preserved marble streets and mosaics and one seriously big library. outside stalls also promised 'genuine fake watches', is there any other kind? + i discovered straws that resemble fireworks.


Rich Girls. said...

you look incredible in that red dress!
your accomadation looks insane. honestly.
i wish i could just teleport my way there right this second.
i need to start saving for some european fun STAT! x.

Sheila said...

these photos are amazing! i would love a vacation like this hahaha and genuine fake watches?

now following :)


Lindy Maddox said...

just discovered your blog! I LOVE your style, and that trip looked to die for! officially jealous. :)