euro trip [partone]

i have realised that i have waay too many photos to upload in one post - so there shall be a series of many explaining my recent internet m.i.a

so at the beginning of our trip, after a very sketchy flight from istanbul (top of turkey) to bodrum (bottom of turkey), we were living on a sailboat for a week travelling around the turkish coast. was so relaxing - not having to do anything really does evaporate all stress - and the food was amazing.. so much food.
and i may or may not have reread harry potter 7


Rich Girls. said...

ohhh my gosh.
that bed on the boat is heaven!
what a lucky duck! this vacation seems so exotic and luxurious.
i'm sure it made it so hard to come home.
i really love your outfit with the sleeveless shirt and lace trimming shorts. so, so cute!
can't wait to see many more. x.

Rich Girls. said...

thanks for your super sweet comment about missing my blogging while you were away, by the way!
it made me smile like a goofball for a few seconds.
i'm glad that you have an amazing getaway and that you're now back blogging! x.