euro trip [partsix]

the final installation of europe pictures. aww makes me miss travelling. ok so some of these photos are a bit miss-matched but i will try to explain. so after the boat, after kos, after bodrum we went back up to istanbul for the last week and a bit of our trip. two days out of this week and a bit we were out of istanbul as we visited gallipoli + troy. obviously being australian gallipoli was really moving to visit, its incredible just how close the turkish and australian trenches really were and the heat was insane, hard to imagine it would have been favourable wartime conditions. we also visited the ancient trojan city - and yes the tour guide did make several references to brad pitt shirtless (see him in the film troy). another day in istanbul we had lunch at this amazing restaurant that was literally right on the water, they also made the best juices. on the journey back home we had a stop over in singapore airport for 5 hours - jetlag was really catching up at this stage. although duty free shopping at singapore airport really was very cheap. and the last photo is of possibly the creepiest mannequin that was found outside the grand bazaar in istanbul. getting back into uni has made me miss this trip even more - now i need to decide where to venture next.


Rich Girls. said...

oh gosh, so beautiful.
the jealousy has hit an all new high.
i'm actually really loving your outfit with the white sleeveless shirt and those stunning lace trimmed shorts. i want it to be so warm right now so i can walk around in them. also love your crochet skirt.
now it's back to reality ): x.

Rich Girls. said...

oh, ps. were the shorts an australian buy or a one of a kind overseas find?